ICREM 2023

The 5th International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials

The 5th International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials (ICREM) will  take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from December 13th to 15th, 2023. We invite researchers, industrialists, and students involved into the relevant fields to participate in this event, which will provide a great forum for knowledge-sharing, networking, and collaboration. We are looking forward to see you at Chiang Mai at the ICREM 2023!



The International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials (ICREM) covers the radiation and emission phenomena in its natural combination, in the range from accelerated ionizing particles to THz electromagnetic radiation, building on the similarity of the basic principles and multi-functional applications. The mission of the ICREM is to bring new perspectives to the field of the radiation phenomena in advanced materials by providing a forum for researchers and industrialists for exchanging data and ideas along the following specific tracks:

The focus is on advances in fundamental understanding as well as its exploitation in modern instrumentations (scientific, technological, medical, etc) and technologies/ devices. 


ICREM 2018

The ICREM series started in 2018 in Chiang Mai and was hosted by the Chiang Mai University (CMU). It was hold at the Holiday Inn Chiangmai Hotel during the 12-15 of November 2018, altogether attracting >60 attendees, including 18 invited speakers. The conference period coincided with the Loi Krathong festval – one of the most famous and colorful events in Thailand – giving an opportunity to the ICREM attendees to celebrate too. 

ICREM 2019

The 2nd ICREM was hosted by the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT), at the newly established Knowledge Exchange Center in Bangkok, during the 15-18th of December 2019. It altogether attracted >70 attendees. Among the highlights of the conference were 24 invited presentations, a Special ICREM Issue of the Physica Status Solidi A (PSSA), and – not least – a fantastic River Boat Trip with breathtaking views of the Bangkok-in-the-night on display.

ICREM 2020

The 3rd ICREM was held at the premises of the Chiang Mai University main campus, hosted by the Department of Physics and Materials Science, renown for its academic records. The local organizer, the Plasma and Beam Physics Research Facility, has a long-lasting tradition in the field, started its research with nuclear physics and low-energy accelerators nearly 45 years ago and more recently extended the focus towards ion/electron beams and plasma science. About 100 attendees came on-site to participate in the conference.

ICREM 2021

The 4th ICREM was hosted by the College of Materials Innovation and Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. It was held in The Pullman Pattaya Hotel G during the 6-8 of April 2022. Notably, it was delayed from the 2021 to 2022 due to the COVID pandemic. The conference was attended on-site and on-line by >120 participants. Among the highlights of this conference are the Special ICREM issue of the Physica Status Solidi A (PSSA) and unforgettable views displaying postcards of the Pattaya Bay.